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About Calypso Diving on Koh Samui

Koh Tao With Three Dives


Koh Samui diving season: Three dives at some of the most beautiful dive sites around Ko Tao. Can include Shark Island, Hin Wong Pinnacle, White Rock, Green Rock, or Hin Pee Wee. These scuba diving sites are suitable for all levels of certified scuba divers, and this trip is great for the Advanced Open Water training dives. Large granite boulders create crevices where marine life can be sheltering.

Catamaran Mintra

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HTMS Sattakut

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Sail Rock

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About us: 3 decades of customer service


Calypso Diving - established in 1987 as one of the first dive centers on Ko Samui - this name stands for quality SCUBA and snorkeling services.

The coral reefs and marine life always used to be very rich in our part of the ocean - the right place for us to live our passion for the sea and for aquatic life. Out of this passion it was a matter of case to get the motivation to serve our guests as good as possible.

In those last 3 decades the dive center was on a continuous journey - always aiming to find the best possible services for its guests.

Back in the early days - when Ko Samui was hardly developed - we were offering dive trips with a traditional wooden motor vessel (MV). Our tours took us to Ko Tao, Ko Phangan, to the Ang Thong Marine Park but also we were offering shore dives around the reefs of Ko Samui itself.

Back in the 90’s Ko Samui’s face changed rapidly. More and more travellers started to flock in - we were facing new challenges. As Ko Tao is considered the best diving area in the Gulf of Thailand we decided to place the MV there as our ‘home base’. To get our guests to Ko Tao we were always in search of the best possible option. This always used to be quite a challenge for us as the 75 km from Ko Samui to Ko Tao included a boat ride that could be quite tricky at times.

Starting with transfer services with our own speedboat, we realised soon, that this option was pretty uncomfortable. Already 1 m wave can lead to a very unpleasant journey. Therefore, we decided to change this strategy and went on the public ferry. What a relief from the waves that was. There was just one big down side: travel time. Using the ferry we were spending up to 6 hours per day just travelling. When intending to do 2 dives per day, this was just too much.


Then, in 2010, Calypso made the first step towards a comfortable journey to Ko Tao. We switched to two speed-catamarans with 24 seats and outboard engines. These boats were custom made by the well-established boat builder Austhai Marine in Chonburi and were increasing travel time and comfort a lot. Fast as a speed boat but surfing way more stable across the waves than a speed boat, we were very satisfied with this option.

But has this been the end of all evolution now? Of course not…

In 2014 and 2015 Calypso was ready for a real revolution amongst Koh Samui's dive businesses. This revolution has two names: Mintra and Anatta.

These two catamarans - custom made by the same boat builder - are setting the benchmark for Ko Samui’s diving boats on a new level. Both catamarans - yes, we can easily call them dive yachts - are 17 m long and equipped with 2 powerful 440 hp Diesel engines on each boat. With maximum speeds of up to 25 knots they are almost as fast as speed boats and our guests still can enjoy maximum comfort and safety on the catamaran: plenty of space for gearing up, a chill-out lounge, 3 course lunches and fresh breakfast can be served on the sun decks, along with 2 restrooms per boat these are just a few features that Samui’s dive businesses have never seen before.

So in terms of boats and services by now we are getting closer and closer to the optimum. Just as our motivation is still as high as it was 30 years ago we are not stopping to improve in order to make our guests have a memorable time with Calypso.

One can find prove of our quality services in guests’ reviews on on on or on our facebook page.

Years of experience

Calypso 20 year member by PADI

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