Diving Refresher Tour with 2 dives

Did not dive longer? You want to dive again? So do your refresher with us. Refreshing takes place on a two-dive day tour.

Calypso Diving Refresher

You haven’t been diving for quite a while and are not quite sure any more, how this inflator thing works or how to maintain proper buoyancy underwater? – Calypso Diving Koh Samui has the right program for you. – A refresher course that brings you back to a solid level of mastering your diving abilities. Following PADI’s recommendations a refresher course should be joined after not having dived for half a year or longer.

Catamaran Mintra

Refresher with Fun

Ultimate Comfort

On Tour

This refresher program can be attended on all days of the week. We recommend to join us on one of our Koh Tao tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays or Sunday as on those days diving takes place at shallow bays with calm water conditions. – Perfect for those who haven’t dived in a while.

On the way to the dive site our instructor will give you a very detailed dive briefing. He will explain bits and pieces of basic scuba gear and will let you set up your equipment by yourself – learning by doing is usually the best method to recall your memory. In the briefing he will also mention and explain how buoyancy should be mastered by using both: your BCD and your lungs. You will hear about hand signals and safety considerations while spending your time under water.

Also your instructor will show you some basic skills like regulator-recovery or mask clearing that will bring you back on track. Prior to jumping off the boat you will perform a mandatory buddy check to make sure your gear is working. After having performs a weight check you’ll slowly descend to one of Koh Tao’s shallow reefs where first of all the instructor will practise the earlier explained underwater skills. On the first dive you will especially have to focus on your buoyancy skills as this is probably the most important consideration on the way back to being a good diver.

Back on diving

Then, after having found your way back into scuba diving you will still have plenty of time to explore the tropical reef life and after lunch do your 2nd dive.

For just refreshing your skills we are offering another option for those short on time. The refresher program can also be performed in the pool on Koh Samui. This will still include all the basics skills and explanations to make you become a safe scuba diver again.

Refresher program with 2 dives 5,200,– THB 

Local Refresher program with 2 dives 3,700,– THB 

Your tour will start with our free pickup service on your hotel or resort reception. Please find your correct time in the map, or contact us.

Departure from Koh Samui

Skill training and dive

Surface interval and lunch

2nd dive

Arrivival Koh Samui


Price for day tours with 2 dives. Prices with * show the price for the dive tours by complete own equipment.

Two day Dive Package

Top Dive Sites

9,000 THB

8,200 THB*

Local Dive Sites

5,800 THB

5,000 THB*

Three day Dive Package

Top Dive Sites

13,200 THB

12,000 THB*

Local Dive Sites

8,400 THB

7,200 THB*

Four day Dive Package

Top Dive Sites

17,200 THB

15,600 THB*

Local Dive Sites

10,800 THB

9,200 THB*

Five day Dive Package

Top Dive Sites

21,000 THB

19,000 THB*

Local Dive Sites

13,000 THB

11,000 THB*