Southwest Pinnacle & Sail Rock

Southwest Pinnacle and Sail Rock visit this top dive sites. Koh Samui Scuba diving tour with 2 dives. Come on our safe, fast and comfortable catamaran. Most importantly we take good carry of you.

One day tour to the deep dive sites Southwest Pinnacle and Sail Rock

The Southwest Pinnacle is a circular site of seven pinnacles which have the shape of mountains and a lot of granite blocks between. From Koh Samui we need a bit longer than one hour to arrive at this dive site. The biggest pinnacle starts in five meters, the bottom line is by 28 meters. The underwater boulders are home of great marine life such as Bat fish, Barracuda, Potato grouper, huge schools of Big Eyed Jacks, Trevally, Chevron and Giant Barracuda and King Mackerels. You will be diving amongst swirling schools of Rabbitfish, Snapper and Fusiliers.

Catamaran Mintra

Wreck Diving

Sail Rock

The Tour

On the morning of your tour, an air-conditioned mini bus will pick you up at the reception area of your Koh Samui hotel for transportation to the boat pier. Generally the travel time to the Southwest Pinnacle is approximately 70 minutes. Surely you can relax on board of our spacious catamaran, custom-made to provide you with superior comfort and safety. As can be seen our boat offers spacious indoor and outdoor seating and two toilets for your convenience. Throughout the day there will be snacks, a delicious Thai style lunch, and beverages available.

During the journey, you will meet your PADI scuba diving instructor, who will brief you on the days’ activities. He will set up your scuba equipment giving you time to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. Before arriving at the dive site, a ‘dive briefing’ will be given. All in all there are small groups of certified divers per dedicated PADI instructor, you are unlikely to find a diving experience like this anywhere else!

The underwater world

A complete days diving at some of the most beautiful dive sites in Koh Tao. Beautiful reef fish such as the butterfly and angelfish can be found here swimming among whip corals and between large barrel sponges. Straight away you can discover the rich underwater life and vibrant reef fish, colourful sponges and giant corals and maybe even turtles! In Particular you can watch how smiling parrot fish make the sandy beaches of the future. Equally you can see golden trevallies hunting small fish whilst the red breasted wrasse stop at cleaning stations. Blue spotted rays and a large variety of nudibranchs can also be discovered at these sites. In addition the “friendly” titan or yellow margin trigger fish can also be found on these dive sites in Koh Tao which always make for great holiday memories!

Sail Rock

Then for the last dive we go to Sail Rock which sits 15m above and 35m below the surface Sail Rock is famous for its natural underwater chimney swim through which divers can enter at 5 – 6m and exit at 16 – 18m. To point out: marine life can be seen where ever you look. If there is one scuba diving trip you don’t want to miss, this is it. Eventually you may even get to discover the sites secret pinnacle too.

4,900 THB with rental equipment

4,500 THB with own equipment

Your tour will start with our free pickup service on your hotel or resort reception. Please find your correct time in the map, or contact us.

Departure from Koh Samui

Arrival Southwest for 1st dive

Coffee break on our catamaran

Arrive Sail Rock for the 2nd dive

Lunch on our catamaran

Arrivival Koh Samui

Price for day tours with 2 dives. Prices with * show the price for the dive tours by complete own equipment.

Two day Dive Package

9,000 THB

8,200 THB*

Three day Dive Package

13,200 THB

12,000 THB*

Four day Dive Package

17,200 THB

15,600 THB*

Five day Dive Package

21,000 THB

19,000 THB*