Try Diving from Koh Samui

Try diving can be a brilliant experience. From Koh Samui, excellent dive sites to you find around Koh Tao. Already the trip on our catamaran is sensational.

Try diving on Koh Nang Yuan by Koh Tao

Diving without license

Catamaran Mintra

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Ultimate Comfort

The Tour

During the boat ride to the dive sites you will read in a brochure many important details about Scuba diving. Equipment, dive skills and especially guidelines for safety under water are being explained. After a briefing by an instructor you will follow his instructions on the way in the water and under water. At all times he will be with you and take care of you. Right under the surface you will do some exercises and diving skills prior to the actual dive.

Afterwards we will carefully descend at one of our shallow reefs. Being guided by the instructor you will reach a maximum depth of 12 meters but of course we first make sure that we always stay within your comfort zone.


At the beginning everything will be very exciting for you – maybe even a bit strange. But after a while you will get used to breathing in this completely new environment. Everything becomes quiet and you will start to feel comfortable. You will get to see many spots with schools of fishes and other spots where corals are pre-dominant. Nice and warm water temperature allows us to do long dives up to 45 minutes. But of course the bottom time is also depending on your own and the group’s air consumption.

This discover scuba program can be done on any of our dive trips. Nevertheless, we are recommending to join especially our Koh Tao tours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On these days we are usually heading to shallower and sheltered dive sites – perfect for beginners.

After diving

If you would like to go for further experiences in scuba diving, you can hop on one of our other dive trips now. The maximum depth will never be deeper than 12 meters and a Divemaster or an instructor will always be at your side, to support you. You also have the opportunity to use the program as the first step for the Scuba Diver or the Open Water Diver course. If you sign up for one of these courses with us, then the program will be counted towards your course.

For partner, family and friends who like to explore the underwater world without scuba equipment we have a guided snorkeling trip. In small groups of about 10 people we ensure individual service. The guide, a professional dive instructor, will fit mask and fins with every single participant. Before its time to go in the water he will give a detailed introduction into snorkeling with safety instructions.

In two sessions, each around 1 hour our friendly staff will guide to the best parts of the reef. To ensure the safety of our guests we have furthermore a member of the boat crew sitting in a kayak equipped with live vests, spare masks and snorkels. From his elevated position, he has a good overview at the people snorkeling at the reef.

Price: 5.500 THB on top dive sites

Price: 2.900 THB on local dive sites

Your tour will start with our free pickup service on your hotel or resort reception. Please find your correct time in the map, or contact us.

Departure from Koh Samui

Skill training and 1st dive

Surface interval and lunch

2nd dive

Arrivival Koh Samui


If you like to dive after the program you can book different dive packages with 2 dives.

Two day Dive Package

9,000 THB Top Sites

5,800 THB Local Sites

Three day Dive Package

13,200 THB Top Sites

8,400 THB Local Sites

Four day Dive Package

17,200 THB Top Sites

10,800 THB Local Sites

Five day Dive Package

21,000 THB Top Sites

13,000 THB Local Sites