Koh Tao diving tours from Koh Samui with 2 dives.

Diese Schildkröte lebt bei Koh Tao, hier auf dem Bild mit Instruktor Dominic.

Koh Samui tauchen Koh Tao: An drei Wochentagen fahren wir für jeweils 2 Tauchgänge nach Koh Tao (Thai für Schildkröteninsel). Bei Koh Tao steuern wir bevorzugt wind- und somit auch wellenbegünstigte Tauch- und Schnorchelplätze an, um unseren Schnorchler und Tauchern die bestmöglichen natürlichen Voraussetzungen bieten zu können. Diese Tour ist daher sowohl für Schnorchler, Schnuppertaucher, Tauchschüler, Neueinsteiger aber auch für erfahrene Taucher geeignet. Eine grosse Auswahl von Tauchplätzen, allesamt an abwechslungsreichen, schönen Korallenriffen mit einer Vielzahl an farbenfrohen Meeresbewohnern, macht diese Insel zum Top-Tauchgebiet im gesamten Golf von Thailand.

Katamaran Mintra

Snorkeling with kidy on the tour.

Schöne Tauchplätze

Koh Samui snorkeling is fun and enjoyable.

Ultimativer Komfort

Group of snorkelers on our tour in the water.
Dive sites

Long dives in quiet bays sheltered from strong currents are typical for this Koh Tao tour. Popular dive sites are Japanese Gardens, Mango Bay, Hin Wong Bay, Lighthouse Bay or Ao Leuk. From the surface it’s usually easy to see the bottom so descents become an easy thing. The diving on this tour takes place at depths of 12 to 18 meters. If you’re at the beginning of your diving career or if you haven’t been diving for a long while, then this is the best tour to start with. Another advantage of this tour is that along with diving also snorkeling, discover scuba diving and diving courses can take place. Koh Tao itself is the ‘pearl’ of the Gulf of Thailand in terms of reef life. Stingrays, seahorses, sea snakes, moray eels, barracudas, nudibranchs, groupers, turtles and a seemingly infinite number of interesting reef fishes are inhabiting these reefs.

The Tour

n the morning we will pick you up from the reception of your resort with our air-conditioned mini bus. Around 8 am or when all people have arrived, the catamaran “Mintra” will depart and start her journey from Koh Samui to Koh Tao. You have options to sit at the front in the bow of the boat, in our “saloon”, at the “flying bridge” or on the spacious sun deck. The catamaran offers you lots of space for sitting and moving around on the boat. Views from the boat are beautiful, so already the boat ride becomes a great experience. Important as well for the divers needs are two rest rooms and fresh water showers at the entrance.

When the tour starts your instructor or guide will introduce himself and give you a briefing prior to each dive. He will mention diving procedures and points of interest. You will find your diving equipment already prepared on the dive deck. Prior to the first dive you will do a weight check with us.

On board

While you are staying on the boat little snacks (cake and fruit) will be available at all times. Also beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water and soft drinks will be available at all times. Especially you will have a good time enjoying a nice breakfast after our departure and the lunch, which is a lovely choice of different Thai dishes.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays:
4,900 THB with rental equipment

4,500 THB with own equipment

Ihre Tour beginnt mit unserem kostenlosen Abholservice an Ihrer Hotel- oder Resort-Rezeption. Bitte finden Sie Ihre korrekte Zeit in der Karte oder kontaktieren Sie uns.

Abfahrt von Koh Samui

1. Tauchgang Koh Tao

Oberflächenintervall und Mittagessen

2. Tauchgang Koh Tao

Ankunft Koh Samui


Price for day tours with 2 dives. Prices with * show the price for the dive tours by complete own equipment.

Two day Dive Package

9,000 THB

8,200 THB*

Three day Dive Package

13,200 THB

12,000 THB*

Four day Dive Package

17,200 THB

15,600 THB*

Five day Dive Package

21,000 THB

19,000 THB*