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Scuba diving tour with 3 dives from Koh Samui to Koh Tao, on the plan are the wreck Sattakut, a deeper dive site and as last the Sail Rock

Koh Tao With Three Dives


Koh Samui diving season: Three dives at some of the most beautiful dive sites around Ko Tao. Can include Shark Island, Hin Wong Pinnacle, White Rock, Green Rock, or Hin Pee Wee. These scuba diving sites are suitable for all levels of certified scuba divers, and this trip is great for the Advanced Open Water training dives. Large granite boulders create crevices where marine life can be sheltering.

Catamaran Mintra

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HTMS Sattakut

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Sail Rock

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On the morning of your tour, an air-conditioned mini bus will pick you up at the reception area of your Koh Samui hotel for transportation to the boat pier. Travel time to Koh Tao is approximately 90 minutes. Relax on board our spacious catamaran, custom-made to provide you superior comfort and safety. Our boat offers spacious indoor and outdoor seating and two toilets for your convenience. Throughout the day there will be snacks, a delicious Thai style lunch, and beverages available, along with crew members to assist you.

During the journey, you will meet your PADI scuba diving instructor, who will brief you on the days’ activities. He will set up your scuba equipment giving you time to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. Before arriving at the dive site, a ‘dive briefing’ will be given. With small groups of certified divers per dedicated PADI instructor, you are unlikely to find a diving experience like this anywhere else!

A complete days diving at some of the most beautiful dive sites in Koh Tao. Beautiful reef fish such as the butterfly and angelfish can be found here swimming amongst whip corals and between large barrel sponges. Discover the rich underwater life and vibrant reef fish, colourful sponges and giant corals and maybe even turtles! Watch as smiling parrot fish make the sandy beaches of the future and see golden trevally hunting small fish whilst the red breasted wrasse stop at cleaning stations. Blue spotted rays and a large variety of nudibranchs can also be discovered at these sites. The “friendly” titan or yellow margin trigger fish can also be found on these dive sites in Koh Tao which always make for great holiday memories! Sail Rock sits 15m above and 35m below the surface with large granite boulders creating deep crevices that are hiding a variety of tiny cleaner shrimp and shallower points that are covered with anemones and seeming with small damsel fishes. Sail Rock is famous for its natural underwater chimney swim through which divers can enter at 5 - 6m and exit at 16 – 18m. Marine life can be seen where ever you look even on days of poor visibility and strong currents. If there is one scuba diving trip you don’t want to miss, this is it. You may even get to discover the sites secret pinnacle too.

Wednesdays: 5,500 THB with rental equipment / 5,100 THB with own equipment


08:00 am Departure from Koh Samui
09.30 am Arrive Koh Tao for the first dive
10.30 am Coffee break onboard catamaran
11.30 am Arrive Koh Tao for the second dive
12.30 pm Lunch onboard catamaran
02.00 pm Arrive Sail Rock for third dive
04.30 pm Arrive Koh Samui


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For the 2IN1 tour please add 400 THB each tour.
Tours with 3 dives add 1000 THB per tour

Two dive tours each with 2 dives

8,600 THB rental equipment
7,800 THB own equipment

Three dive tours each with 2 dives

12,400 THB rental equipment
11,600 THB own equipment

Four dive tours each with 2 dives

16,400 THB rental equipment
14,800 THB own equipment

Five dive tours each with 2 dives

20,000 THB rental equipment
18,000 THB own equipment

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