Diving Refresher – Refreshing your Scuba Diving skills

We all know how life is treating us sometimes… We go on holidays, discover a great activity like for example Scuba diving and we are enjoying it so much.

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That much that we actually don’t want to do anything else any more. But it’s hard to escape our everyday’s duties. Holidays have an end and we need to go back to our everyday life. Scuba diving remains as a great memory.


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Weeks and months are passing by, sometimes even years and the memory is fading away. Oh my dear… When have you been Scuba diving the last time? No idea… Your logbook will give you more information on that. After months or maybe even years of not having been under water it’s very important that a diver gets the opportunity to find his/her way back into Scuba diving. PADI actually recommends to take part in a so called refresher program. Do it after not having been diving for more than six months.

The Diving Refresher

With Calypso Diving Koh Samui you can get this diving refresher easily when coming on a day trip with us. We especially recommend the days when we go to dive around Koh Tao’s shallower and sheltered dive sites which are perfect for you to find your way back. Usually these days would be on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays.

During the boat ride to Koh Tao on our catamaran we will give you a detailed introduction in our diving refresher. You will again see how we assemble our Scuba unit, you will experience how you check your equipment to meet safety standards while diving. – All of this will be a process of learning by doing – that way you can find your way back straight away.

After a detailed dive briefing prior to the actual dive you will enter the water. – What a great feeling to be wet again!!! But before we go down to the tropical reef with all its marine life you also need to perform a couple of basic skills. How to remove the regulator? How to clear the mask or how to find the perfect buoyancy under water. Those essential skills will be performed at the beginning of the dive. After those skills you will be back again. Self-esteem will be back. And you can go for what you have been missing for such along time: Making tons of bubbles around Thailand’s tropical coral reefs.

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