Hidden gems on Koh Samui

Is anything better than travelling? It’s a chance to broaden your mind and immerse yourself in a completely different culture – and 45% of people claim that they travel in order to learn more about themselves, after all. Thailand, in particular, is an amazing destination to explore, with so many different regions and islands to visit.

Koh Samui is the third biggest island in Thailand, with countless amazing things to do and see; however, if you want to avoid all of the familiar tourist traps then it’s important to do your research and visit areas that aren’t in the travel guides. If you want an entirely unique trip away from the busy crowds, here are some hidden gems that you can find on Koh Samui:

Koh Samui Things To Do

1. Silver Beach

If you want paradise, then look no further than silver beach; the sandy shores are a delight to relax on and you will be amazed at how clear the ocean is. Silver beach isn’t always the first option for most tourists, who will flock to the more popular Lamai Beach; however, this means that the beach won’t be overrun with people and you will have some peace and tranquillity.

You could easily spend hours admiring the scenic views and overhanging green cliffs, but there are also a host of activities to try out in Silver Beach. There are a handful of quality restaurants on the beach, selling local food and freshly caught fish; you have to try khao soi while you’re in the region, as the noodle broth is one of Thailand’s speciality dishes. Once you’re fuelled up, hire out a kayak and explore the entire stretch of the island via the water.

2. Angthong National Marine Park

Visiting a stunning Thai jungle is an essential part of your trip, but the hardest decision is choosing which one to visit. Angthong National Marine Park is a very underrated destination that many tourists don’t think to visit. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, as you trek through the dense jungles in the marine park. If you’re looking to spice up your Instagram feed, then this park looks just as beautiful on camera. Home to cascading waterfalls and hidden coves, you’ll never get bored in this national park as there is so much to explore.

Animal lovers will be in their element, as the national park is home to the exotic langurs and even bats that you might see lurking in the cave. If you choose to spend your trip on the beach instead of the jungle, keep your eyes open for some otters that might pop to the surface.

3. Turtle Island

Otherwise known as Koh Tao, this area truly is a hidden gem in Koh Samui but it’s such a beautiful place. Ideal if you’re hoping for a luxury getaway, Koh Tao is gradually becoming a more upmarket destination, with more and more 5* hotels and restaurants being opened each year.

The waters in this region are some of the clearest in Thailand, making it the perfect destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. Like the title suggests, you’re bound to spot some turtles during your scuba diving adventure; see how many different species you come across. Turtles aren’t the only wildlife in the Koh Tao waters and you can also expect to see some colourful species of fish, like stingrays and clownfish. If you don’t consider yourself an animal person, you can still explore the beautiful coral reefs on the sea bed.

4. Secret Buddha Garden

Hoping for a bit of culture? Then look no further than the Secret Buddha Garden. Not many people know about this destination, as it’s hidden away in the hills of Samui, but is well worth the trip.

Here, you get to understand more about the Buddhist religion that is dominant in Thailand. More than just educational, the gardens are a feast for the eyes, and you could easily spend hours admiring the structures and breath-taking views. Created in 1976 by Nim Thongsuk, this garden is home to various statues of deities, animals, and humans figures, all placed in elegant poses. With a waterfall and stream nearby, it’s impossible not to feel relaxed and at one with nature in this garden.

What are you waiting for? Your adventure in Koh Samui is waiting. However, if you plan to visit the stunning region, make sure you have the correct travel insurance as it’s mandatory in Thailand.