Koh Tao dive sites

Koh Nang Yuan by Koh Tao

Steve, a very charming guy and enthusiastic diver came to our dive center and wanted to know everything about Koh Tao dive sites.

Tuesday morning, I’m sitting in the sales room of our dive center, enjoying a nice cup of coffee and answering emails. We open 10.00 am and around 10.30 am the first customer came in.

Steve was undeniably a very enthusiastic diver. Although just a freshly baked PADI Open Water Diver, he was keen to learn as much as possible about our dive area the Koh Tao dive sites. We sat down at our round table, I offered him a nice cup of tea and despite him being from England he preferred a cup of coffee. And coffee he shall get.

I told him, that two of the most popular dive destinations in Thailand are Koh Tao and its “three sister islands” Koh Nang Yuan. Both areas equally beautiful. Around those islands are many named and unnamed dive sites and snorkeling sites. There are even still some beautiful coral gardens not many instructors know about. And those who know can keep the secret.

Koh Tao, a life changing place

Steve got very attentive and admitted being very interested in becoming a PADI Dive Master and change his life.

That reminded me of the time hen I visited Koh Tao the first time and got hooked by diving lifestyle. Although this was many years ago the memory is Undoubtedly very lucid.

I went on telling him that Koh Tao (or turtle island in English) and Koh Nang Yuan are one of these pieces of paradise in the world that changed many peoples lives. I know quite a few dive professionals who did their Open Water Diver course around Koh Taos dive sites. They got so hooked by the life style, they became dive instructors and moved to Thailand. Not to forget all those wonderful Thai families whose life’s changed dramatically for the better. When they started making their income in the tourism industry life became easier for them. Many things have changed throughout the last decades.  But Koh Tao remains true to its nature and is still a paradise island that changes many peoples lives.

Underwater world of Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan is most compelling

By now our cups were empty and I got up to get some more of the delicious brew for us.

Steve had many questions. Despite the fact I had a lot of work waiting for me I really enjoyed our conversation. At last Steve wanted to know which part of the whole experience is better. The one above or the one under water. Obviously a difficult question. But being a passionate dive instructor for me the ocean is undeniably most compelling.

The dive sites of Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan hava a great variety of different kind of corals. Predominant are stone corals. You can easily find 10 or more different kind of corals in one square meter. The landscapes these corals form are absolutely stunning. Even after so many years of diving  here I still get engrossed in its beauty. Not to forget the underwater fauna. The daily interaction with the creatures of the sea can be quite unforgettable. This is when I started getting euphoric and Steve’s eyes were getting bigger and bigger in expectation.

I went into rhapsodies about floating in a massive swarm of fusiliers surrounded by thousands and thousands of fishes leaves a lasting impression. Swimming with a graceful turtle, watching the dance of the anemone fish, observing the symbiotic relationship between a goby and the pistol shrimp. All of this and more are part of the amazing experiences you can have at Koh Tao dive sites. All this can put in second place, only by being eye in eye with the biggest fish in the world the gentle giant, the whale shark.

Here we were, two enthusiastic divers, who probably had too much strong coffee. Steve couldn’t wait to get on board for a few dives. He booked for the next day right away. And I couldn’t wait myself to have a few dives with this passionate diver. I wanted to show him my world, the underwater world of Koh Tao dive sites.