PADI Scuba Diver

Do your PADI Scuba Diver course in Koh Samui with amazing training dives around Koh Tao or Koh Nang Yuan

PADI Scuba Diver

International Diving license to 12 meters: The PADI Scuba Diver represents the small diving license. When doing this course you will learn how to dive in a save manner down to a depth of 12 meters. The Scuba Diver course lasts one and a half or two days. The shorter option is half a day training in the pool and a day tour. The other option would be to start the Discover Scuba Diving program first and another day tour on the second day.

Learning On The Pool

Catamaran Mintra

Training Dives

Diving Koh Samui

The course

PADI Scuba Divers are being taught that way, so by the end of the course they will be able to take part in guided diving tours down to a depth of 12 meters. This depth is the most beautiful part of the reef regarding variety of fish and coral and intense colours. If later on you wish to dive deeper than that, then anytime you can continue with the training for the Open Water Diver.

The course consists of diving theory, the required diving skills and a dive tour with two dives in open water.

For learning the theory, the PADI Open Water Manual exists in different versions. As a book, as a PDF-file, or as an e-learning tool. It contains five chapters from which for the Scuba Diver course only the first three are required. At the end of each chapter the knowledge reviews have to be filled in. We will discuss the answers with you and correct the wrong ones.

In the first chapter of the diving theory you’ll mostly learn about the pressure you are exposed to when being under water. The diving equipment and the hand signals will be explained and you’ll get to know what will happen during the first pool training session. In chapter two you’ll read how you see objects and hear sounds under water, also there is an overview about the second part of the training in confined water (in a pool or in the sea in pool-like conditions). In the third chapter you’ll learn more about the surrounding conditions and about environmental issues when it comes to diving. Also the further training in the pool will be explained. For the open water dives one and two there is a chart with the required practical exercises at the end of chapter three.

The training

For the day at the pool as well as for the day tours an air-conditioned minibus will pick you up from the hotel reception. We will tell you the exact pick up time once we know in which hotel on the island you are staying.

The first day will be spent with your instructor at the pool. Here you’ll gain your first experiences in diving and you’ll learn handling your equipment under water. The exercises from the first three chapters of the open water diver manual and a summary of the diving theory are on the schedule for this first day. How long it takes us for this day depends on may things and is hard to predict exactly. In most cases students have been back at the hotel by noon again.

The tour

On the second day we will do the training dives down to a depth of 12 meters. Therefore, our Ko Tao tours would be the best. Especially on those tours we can do the training dives in calm waters in a sheltered bay. You will repeat some exercises from the pool and learn some more skills under water. Afterwards we’ll take a closer look at the underwater world and dive along the reef. The dives are lasting depending on the air consumption in the group up to 45 minutes per dive. At the end your instructor will certify you as a PADI Scuba Diver and you can join worldwide dive tours down to a depth of 12 meters.

If you like to continue your diving education later on, then learn the last two chapters in the Open Water Manual and fill in the knowledge reviews at the end of chapter four and five in the Open Water Manual. Then you can continue with you diving education in any PADI dive center of your choice.

Your tour will start with our free pickup service on your hotel or resort reception. Please find your correct time in the map, or contact us.

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Two dive tours each with 2 dives

8,600 THB rental equipment
7,800 THB own equipment

Three dive tours each with 2 dives

12,600 THB rental equipment
11,400 THB own equipment

Four dive tours each with 2 dives

16,400 THB rental equipment
14,800 THB own equipment

Five dive tours each with 2 dives

20,000 THB rental equipment
18,000 THB own equipment

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