Sail Rock. What the Rock?!?

Sail Rock means magic. Sail Rock means uniqueness. Sail Rock means a Scuba diving adventure of a special kind.

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But hey… Who put Sail Rock there where it is? Just one single rock coming up from the bottom of the seabed of the Gulf of Thailand. Pretty much right in the middle between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. This lonely rock comes up some 10 meters above the oceans surface. Around Sail Rock. Nothing. Only water. No islands, no other pinnacles… So many people where asking how did this rock get there.


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Sail Rock, the answer is limestone. When watching southeast Asia’s geology closely similar limestone formations can be found around the whole area. From southern China and Vietnam’s Halong Bay all the way across Laos and down to Thailand’s Krabi and Phang-Nga provinces that are famous for exactly these limestone landscapes. Close to Ko Samui we can also find these limestone formation in the Ang Thong Marine National Park. Sail Rock is just from the same origin – just being a very far off remaining pinnacle.

This karst landscape has been formed from coral reefs hundreds of millions of years ago. This means that all these rock formation have been submerged ages and ages ago. Due to tectonic movement this seabed has been lifted over many millions of years and has come to the surface. Due to its rather soft structure that brakes easily rains and winds over thousands and thousands of years have made these rocks disappear again. Only in some areas we still can see the remains which make now for beautiful landscapes.

Sail Rock is one of these remains. A very lonely one far away from anything else. We can expect that due to ongoing erosion Sail Rock will collapse one day and disappear in the Gulf of Thailand. An even that will happen in some thousands, maybe millions of years.

So we still have some time left to explore a place that easily can be counted to Asia’s top dive sites. Welcome on board. We sail to the Sail Rock on three days the week. This is the most comfortable way to dive! so again, welcome on board!

Question & Answer

Q: I like diving at Sail Rock. Can I climb the rock?
A: Firstly, ,you probably hurt yourself. The following attacks of gulls are suspected. Finally you will understand, that this is not a good idea.

Q: I understand that altogether the sail rock is the best dive site in your area. For this reason tell me why?
A: Indeed it’s on of the best. In a word, fish soup.

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