Swimming with Whale Sharks is fascinating: Why you don’t want to miss out

Did you ever wanted to swim with whale sharks? Seeing these incredible animals in their natural environment? Feeling what it’s like to swim next to a 10m long animal? Have a look at this guest article from AnimalsAroundTheGlobe.com on the beauty of diving with whale sharks. 

whale shark

A Visitor’s Experience With a Whale Shark

Suddenly he’s there. The shark. It’s coming closer. Its tail fin moves back and forth as if steered by a remote control. The huge animal is at least six metres long and is swimming towards a group of snorkelers. One of them is rowing frantically with his arms, wanting to get away, in his eyes pure fear. He thinks of Steven Spielberg’s bloody cult film “Jaws” and sees his end coming.

The shark is only ten feet away. I wanted to experience so much more, the snorkeler thinks. Two more metres. Will they ever find my body? Just one more meter. Please, bite down hard so it won’t hurt for long.

The shark opens its mouth, the snorkeler closes his eyes. Two seconds later, he opens them. Hmm, the stomach of a shark he had imagined differently. Not so blue and bright. He realizes that he’s still in the water – and completely unharmed.

The shark has swum past him and glides next to him through the sea. He opens his mouth only to suck in plankton. It’s a whale shark, and they only eat these aquatic organisms and small fish.

One of his snorkeling buddies gives the scaredy-cat a sign: “Come on, let’s follow that shark. He hesitates briefly and then swims carefully after it. After a few minutes the fear is overcome.

Because the big fish in the water ahead is not a great white shark, but a whale shark, who refutes all prejudices about his species and radiates something wonderful: peace. He glides through the sea, his movements are elegant and calm. It is as long as three people and weighs around five tons, as much as five small cars.

More About Whale Sharks

The whale shark is estimated to have existed for 2.5 million years, it is one of the largest marine creatures and can live up to 100 years. A peaceful colossus of the ocean. On its body swim some small fish. 

They eat dirt and parasites from its skin and use the giant whale shark as protection against enemies. A giant to lean against. 

Thailand is one of the places where you can find whale sharks as can be read here.

Already on TV and in photos the whale shark fascinates. But seeing him in the wild, being right next to him, it’s like being in another world. 

A world without noise, only the animal and the human being, peacefully next to each other. The sea is the living room of the whale sharks – two-legged guests from the land welcome them warmly.

The eight snorkelers from Germany have split up: Four swim to the right of the whale shark, the other four to the left. You can see every point on his skin, every opening gill. His spotted skin makes the shark look elegant.

The scaredy-cat is now even swimming in front, right next to the mouth of the whale shark. The eyes meet. The animal looks at him for a few seconds and calmly continues to swim next to him. As if to say: Look at me, don’t worry, I’m not a predator.

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